Imagine a company that can produce power cleanly, efficiently and profitably with no need for government subsidies and with years of actual commercial applications. Imagine Independent Power USA (IPU). Our team of engineers has developed, tested, and implemented renewable “Private Power Plants” on a commercial scale for the most complex applications today such as prison facilities and military installations. IPU’s set of proprietary technologies include but are not limited to the conversion of biomass feedstock for co-firing operations with little or no emissions, high efficiency robust boiler systems as well as the set of technologies to use multiple biomass feedstock for creating electricity, steam and gas.

Leadership • Long term service • Delivery Cost • Scale

  • At its core IPU has provided power with 100% reliability for over 10 years.
  • Independent Power USA, LLC (IPU) is a leader in the business of renewable energy production with 15+ years experience, and over $25M investment in platform technology.
  • Small scale facilities shorten regulatory delay.
  • Sulfur and Mercury emissions reduced by 30 to 40 percent vs.coal.
  • Self contained power plants.
  • BioGas/Electricity production.
  • Power production sold to the grid and to various clients including municipalities, state and federal agencies.
  • IPU technology allows for its co-generation facilities to produce scalable production capacity at 10 M.W. – 30M.W. and is capable of using and producing multiple feed stocks, including waste coal, wood chips, various types of biomass.
  • IPU facilities and processes meet all applicable state and federal requirements.
  • IPU’s process can offset between 6-9 million tons of waste per year, reduce sulfur and mercury emissions in power plants by 30+%, and generating carbon credits.